About us

Salsa agrícola

Salsa Agrícola S.L. is the most recent business line launched by Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios, focusing on the optimal management of rural land, mainly in two areas:

1.- Leasing of farmlands and estates for cultivation and other uses, which began when agro-industrial production of sugar cane ceased on the coast of Málaga. This new activity has allowed us to consolidate agricultural production in the area to focus on avocado production. After an exhaustive study of avocado farming practices in the region, the first farm was planted in the year 2000, following a highly innovative approach in terms of technique and management. In 2012, the first intensive avocado farm was obtained.

2.- Conservation of rural land assets in the province of Malaga, focusing on the preservation of soils to make the land productive and sustainable.


As a result of our commitment to environmental protection, Salsa Agrícola works closely with environmental authorities on the conservation of the Natural Area surrounding the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs, where much of the land owned by Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios is located, home to Mediterranean fauna and flora of immense ecological value.

At Salsa Agrícola, our sustainable development and environmental policies are fully based on optimising natural resources, with a commitment to achieving balance in our business strategies with environmental preservation.

To ensure sustainable avocado production on our farms, at Salsa Agrícola, we have implemented the following measures:


Reduction of our carbon footprint

By optimising and minimising the use of fertilisers, through continuous analysis of soil, water, and the trees themselves, reducing the use of chemical fertilisers and promoting the use of organic ones.

By carrying out a more holistic approach to pest control, reducing the use of pesticides as far as possible and only using permitted products. All our staff have been trained and have the necessary training to apply these products.

By implementing water saving and efficient management measures, optimising irrigation with moisture sensors and soil analysis.


Conservation and improvement of the soil through the incorporation of organic matter and the maintenance of plant cover.


Pollinator friendly farming.


Constant search to improve productivity and fruit quality


Reduction, recycling, and responsible disposal of waste.


Constant study so that our facilities are as energy efficient as possible.


Compliance with established legal, technical, and environmental regulations.


Protection of workers’ rights and current legislation.


Guarantee that all our suppliers meet the requirements to do their job.


Continuous investment in research that makes it possible to achieve new objectives.