Avocado plantations

One of the main avocado producers in La Axarquía

Following an extensive study of avocado production processes in La Axarquía, the main production area of this fruit in Spain, the first of the five current estates was planted in 2000. The last one, Vega Rengel, was planted in the summer of 2016 under criteria of intensive production, after the knowledge acquired several years in the experimental estates Fuente Nueva.

The six existing estates total a total of 80 hectares, of which 64 have already reached their maximum productive potential, currently registering total yields of more than 700 tons per year of fruit. This maximum production capacity is reached as average and in traditional cultivation (200-300 trees per hectare) around the sixth year from the plantation. In intensive plantations (600-1,500 trees per hectare) is shortened and already in the third year are reached productions similar to the conventional ones adults.

These estates have been designed according to soil and climate criteria implemented in totally innovative management practices and techniques.

The experience acquired and continuous research, along with the good prospects of the sector in the region, give relevance and future to this business area within the different activities of this corporate Group.