Uses of avocado pit

Do you know everything you can do with an avocado pit?

Surely you already know all the benefits of avocado, which in addition to being a fruit loved by many for its delicious flavour and versatility in the kitchen, is known for its nutritious content of healthy fats and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. But what about the avocado pit? That seed that we usually throw away. It turns out that this little bone also has its own set of surprising uses and benefits that are sure to catch your attention.

Discover the surprising uses and benefits of avocado pits

You already know that the avocado seed can provide many benefits, here we leave you some of the uses and benefits it has. Do you dare to discover them?

Grow your own avocado tree

One of the most rewarding uses for the avocado pit is to grow your own tree. Yes, you read it right! You can grow your own avocado at home by simply planting the pit in a pot. Although it takes time, patience and love, the process is quite simple and can result in a beautiful avocado tree that will provide you with this fruit in the future.

Use it for cooking

Although it is not as common as the use of the avocado pulp itself, the seed can also be used in cooking. Some people grate it and add it to shakes and smoothies for extra fiber and antioxidants. It can also be dried, ground, and used as a healthy flour substitute in some recipes. Now you can give an extra touch to your recipes.

Benefits for skin and hair

The avocado pit is full of antioxidants and natural oils that can be beneficial for your skin and hair. Some people make homemade avocado pit oil, which can be used as a skin toner or as a treatment for dry, damaged hair. It can be a powerful ally to reduce wrinkles and improve hair health. In fact, if you look at many of the products that contain avocado for this type of use, they use the stone to make them.

Multiple medicinal properties

The avocado pit is believed to have medicinal properties, including the ability to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve cardiovascular health, be anti-cancer, prevent oxidative damage, strengthen the immune system and regulate the thyroid. In addition to this, it provides high levels of energy.

Crafts and DIY projects

Avocado pits can also be a great source of material for craft and DIY projects. From making small jewelry to carving small sculptures, there are a variety of creative ways to use these bones to create unique art and home decorations. Would you dare to do some crafts with it?

The wonderful benefits of the avocado pit

The next time you eat an avocado, remember that the stone is not just waste, but a very valuable resource due to the large number of benefits and uses it has. So remember to save the stone and explore some of these ideas to get the most out of this wonderful fruit in all its forms.

At Salsa Agrícola we grow our avocados in the best conditions to obtain quality fruit so that, consumers can benefit from all their properties, including those of the seed.

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