Avocado export market

The General Analysis of the Reality and Livestock and Agricultural Organization of Malaga (AGROAM) includes local specialization, presenting oil, pork and avocado as leading products. Salsa Agrícola dedicates its activity to tropical fruits, being one of the largest producers locally. The rise of avocado consumption While in 2012 the commercialization of the tropical fruit reached […]

2018-19 Avocado season

The avocado harvesting season, which began in October 2018 with the pollinating varieties, is currently at 40% of the total expected volume in La Axarquia. Although it started with low prices for both the Bacon and Fuerte varieties, at the beginning of the year, Fuerte avocados experienced an interesting upturn, contrary to the main variety, […]

2017-2018 Avocado season

The Hass avocado harvest is underway in the area of La Axarquia and so far it is looking very promising. Previously, during the months of October and November, pollinating varieties were harvested and sold at almost twice the price of the previous season 2016-17, as the total volume commercialised has decreased. Salsa Agricola, owned by […]

Another great avocado season

Salsa Agricola S.L. (Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios) has concluded its avocado harvest with very good results in terms of yield and sales price. The unrelenting increase in demand for this fruit, not only in Europe, but also in the United States and other economic powers such as China, an increase that has not been associated […]

Salsa Agricola initiates the Hass avocado season

In January, Salsa Agricola S.L. began harvesting its main commercial variety of avocado, Hass, with outstanding expectations in terms of sales prices. The significant and progressive increase in demand for this fruit in Europe, which is not accompanied by parallel growth in production, indicates that the historic prices achieved in the previous season may be […]